100% of Profit from Queen of Wishful Thinkin' is donated to my girls mentoring chapter- Girl Talk Marlton.

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About Me


The Queen of Wishful Thinkin is about my passion for upcycling and recharming furniture, crafts and home decor.  My name is Mary Beth and I have been crafty my whole life. I enjoy many types of crafts, but upcycling and bringing love back to beautiful forgotten furniture is my passion. Each design is unique and a one of a kind. I put a lot of love, thought and effort into my recreations to bring you the best high quality end result. This is why I only use the best products on the market!

I believe that true passion comes from the things that fuel you from the inside. Live what you love, and decorate with your passions! Surround yourself with it and be happy! Life is too short not to be happy! 

My passion is art, all aspects of it. I love unique and handmade crafts, eclectic artisan styles, different mediums and substrates used to create art, colors, patterns and just about everything you can think of! I am inspired by hearing the stories behind the artists pieces and learning what makes them tick! Please feel free to share your stories with me.

I love to inspire others in all aspects of life. I am founder and president of Girl Talk Marlton, a chapter of the girls mentoring program, Girl Talk Inc. Our chapter was established in 2012 and is very active. 100% of all profits from Queen of Wishful Thinkin' is donated to Girl Talk Marlton. Please follow our group

Let's inspire and support each other.